How’s it work?

{braapDB} is a community database of Dirt Bike, ATV, Side by Side (SxS), Jeep/4x4, and Snowmobile parks.
Anyone who wants to help the off-roading communities of the world is encouraged to contribute.

All data is editable and user maintained. Updates are automatically visible to users with an account. Once the update is approved by a park administrators, it will be visible on the public site, show on the map, and be accessible from the API.

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Add Details

On the park’s detail page you can add new Trails, Ride Reports, Photos, and other Info Items.
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On the park’s detail page, click on any data that you want to edit and an edit box will show up

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What's an Info Item?

An Info Item is any group of details that you want to show up on a park's details page
Types of Info Items:


Add a new Trail. Any Dirt Bike, ATV, SxS, 4X4, Snowmobile trail or track


Add a photo that shows off the park

Ride Report

Did you go for a ride? Let everyone know how it was


Any warning people may want to know. Example: Bear sightings on upper park trail

Web Site

A link to a website with data about this park or trail. Example: Twitter, Facebook, Club Site, ...


Any contack info about this park. Example: Bob Smith 555-555-1337


A rule set by the park authority. Example: no 2 strokes


Any seasonal info. Example: Open from May-Dec; or Every May the local club has a work party


Any fee info. Example: $5 for parking

Map Points

A GPS Point that will show on the park's detail map. Example: A good place to stop for a view

Map Link

A link to a map of the park or trials. Have a pdf trail map? Add it here


Misc. Anything that people should know but doesn't fit into the other categories